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Once you start playing Toon Blast, it does not take too much time to figure out what is this game about, but for those who did not try it yet I am going to give a short explanation. So, in a few words, Toon Blast is a puzzle game, where your main goal is to solve the puzzle and once you do that, you will be able to blast the cubes. To solve puzzle you need to put together same colors, where it should be at least 3 of them in the same row, however it is not a limit, you can put more of those into the row and it will cause even bigger blast, which is good for you, because it would earn you more points too! Another aspect of Toon Blast is that through the game you will find yourself in need of extra lives and coins, this could be frustrating… However, as you are here on our website it is no longer a problem for you! We have created a special tool – Toon Blast Hack, which will help you for this matter.

Toon Blast Hack

As soon as we have started playing Toon Blast, we have realized that without some extra lives and bunch of coins this game is pretty challenging and if you need some kind of boost it would cost you nice amount of cash. To address this problem, we have created Toon Blast Hack, which injects additional lives and coins into your account and you do not have to pay for it. We kept this online hack in private for quite some time, however now we have decided to allow access it to everyone, for now we keep this online hack completely free to use. Enjoy Toon Blast Hack and share it with your friends.

Unlimited Toon Blast Coins and Lives!

As we have hacked into Toon Blast servers and put our own undetectable code in it, we can provide our users with unlimited amounts of coins and lives. We can injects coins and lives into anyones account without Toon Blast game creators knowledge, it cannot be backtracked, thus it is completely safe to use our Toon Blast generator.

How can you use Toon Blast Cheats?

Using these Toon Blast cheats is very simple, we have created user-friendly web form, which you have to fill. Filling it is pretty simple, just provide with user identification information (like email or username, whichever you prefer) and select amounts of resources you want to get. Afterwards just follow instructions, those are very easy to follow and once you do all the required steps, resources will be added into your account just in a few seconds. Also if you have Toon Blast game opened during the process, please relaunch it to see changes.

Are there any requirements for using Toon Blast Hack?

As Toon Blast hack runs on our premium servers and you do not have to download or install anything – there are no real requirements. You just need internet browser to open Toon Blast generator and send request to our server through a given web form. This could be easily done even from your smartphone (iOS or Android) as well as from any computer or whatever device capable of browsing internet you have!

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